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Robert C. J. Parry has been a journalist, businessman and soldier. But, most importantly (especially for these purposes), he is a husband to Maribel and student of the world around us.

Robert founded the West Covina Guardian newspaper in 1994 after identifying a community need and business opportunity. After four years of success as journalistic enterprise and, to a lesser extent, as a business, he sold it and returned to college at the University of La Verne.

After graduating and serving a stint as Asst. Editor of the Inland Empire Business Journal (where he functioned as the editor), he joined the Army National Guard, answering the call to national service and joining, as he puts it, the long column of patriots who marched from Boston to Yorktown, Gettysberg, Normandy Beach and the rice paddies of Viet Nam. Little did he know he would find himself in that column as it marched through Baghdad in defense of freedom.

After returning from intial entry training, Robert began living the dual life of citizen-soldier, primarily in the former, as a Senior Account Manager for the Pollack PR Marketing Group, a Century City firm where he represents investment banks, law firms, financial services firms and non-profits, among others.

Robert is married to the beautacious and enchanting Maribel, who is a force of life in her own right. You should be so lucky as to meet her. He is way luckier to be married to ehr.

He holds the rank of First Lieutenant in the California Army National Guard. His decorations include the Combat Infantryman's Badge and Iraq Campaign Service medal, among others. From 2004-early 2006, Robert was on active duty, serving nearly 12 months in Baghdad with the 1-184 Infantry.

A life-long Episcopalien who was educated at public, Baptist and Catholic schools, Robert considers himself a "Johnny Cash Christian," which is to say he is a sinner, spiritually flawed and somewhat failed, but aware of his short comings and the need for pennance. As such, he considers homelessness, especially as experienced in Los Angeles, to be among America's greatest shames, while the poverty of Africa is that of the entire world.

A political conservative and "Republitarian," Robert has been active in Republican politics since he was young, and has volunteered and/or worked for several campaigns. He firmly believes that government should only do those things people are generally unable to do for themselves. Primary among these is law enforcement, and for this reason he holds police officers in great esteem, yet firmly believes they must secure this higher standard of trust with higher standards of ethics and integrity.

Robert holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a Big Brother to a young man from South Los Angeles.


Truth, integrity, redemption, justice, God, surfing, golf, passion, Trojan football, a quiet night with my wife and a good long island iced tea.