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March 02, 2006


Gabe Lawrence

I can't give much of a solution suggestion either, but want to add that it's this very thing that Americans need in order to wake us up to reality. America has been a country for long enough that our people have generations of American lineage. We are no longer "fresh off the boat". Statistically, a foreigner coming to America has a greatly increased chance of succeeding because of one reason; THEY WANT TO. Americans have been here so long that we’re taking things for granted and we’ve become complacent. It's our generation’s responsibility to wake up and start pursuing opportunity again. There is no need to attack the honest, hard working Hispanic man that comes here by any means necessary. Yes, we should strictly enforce rules but we also need to remind ourselves that once these illegal immigrants become legal (through our enforced rules), they will then have American rights, which will entitle them to SO MUCH more than they get now as illegal immigrants. Frankly, Americans are not ready for this next phase.

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